About Us

Dark Fringe Radio is a podcast that explores various topics related to the paranormal, conspiracy theories, true crime, and other mysterious and unexplained phenomena. Hosted by Will Martinez and co-hosted by Jay Galoci, the podcast features interviews with experts in these fields, as well as discussions between the hosts on their own experiences and research.

The show aims to provide a platform for alternative perspectives and theories that are often not covered in mainstream media. Some of the topics discussed on the podcast include UFO sightings, government cover-ups, supernatural experiences, and the occult.

The podcast has gained a following among those who are interested in exploring these topics and who enjoy hearing in-depth discussions and analysis. Dark Fringe Radio is available on various podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Will Martinez    Producer/Host Dark Fringe Radio


Producer/Host of Dark Fringe Radio, Founder of the Elysium Podcast Network, Brand Ambassador, Adventurer, Hermit, Free Thinker, Investigator of the unexplained.  Will has been a researcher of the paranormal for over 30 years when he had his first experience at the age of 5 where he was visited nightly by a ghostly apparition for a period of six months.  Ever since that experience he has been immersed in the paranormal which led him to his research of conspiracy theories, secret societies, religion, and alternative theories.

Contact:     Thedarkfringe@gmail.com     Elysiumpodcastnetwork@gmail.com

Jay Galoci     Co-Host Dark Fringe Radio 


Co-Host of Dark Fringe Radio, Host of Imagiplay with Coach Jay, Gym Director.  The second half the unholy two, Jay is a practical thinker, and doesn’t easily subscribe to supernatural or alternative theories but is very open minded.  He has had his own personal paranormal experiences in his adulthood and combined with his radio broadcast schooling was the perfect recipe for hosting a podcast that questions everything.

Contact:     ImagiplayJay@gmail.com

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