‘Statue Head’ Spotted on Surface of Mars

By Tim Binnall

An anomaly hunter searching for strange and unusual objects on the surface of Mars stumbled upon an image that appears to show the head of a statue sitting in the sands of the Red Planet. Indefatigable researcher Scott C. Waring made the curious find while looking at NASA images posted to the photo-sharing site Gigapan earlier this week. It had been uploaded by a user named ‘lightworkx4’ with the caption “NASA Picture shows statues” back in 2015 and seems to have largely gone unnoticed until now.

Postulating that the anomaly was a carving of a head, possibly once belonging to a larger statue, Waring marveled at his website that “the ear, nose, eye, and forehead all have great detail.” Noting the location of the oddity on the side of a hill, he theorized that it may have meant to depict some kind of Martian god “overlooking a long distance from the top of the hill to watch over everyone.” Alas, Waring observed, “it looks like it has fallen due to time, earthquakes and wind.”

As to the significance of finding what appears to be the depiction of a face on Mars, the anomaly hunter argued that it provides us with insight into “who they were, what they looked like, who they admired, if there is male/female of the species … and much more.” Skeptics, of course, say that is not the case at all and that, in fact, the ‘statue head’ is actually just a rock made to look more fantastic thanks to the phenomenon of pareidolia.


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