Bigfoot Sighting Captured On Video In The Florida Panhandle Triggers Further Investigation

By: Douglas Charles February 23, 2021

We’re not even a full two months into 2021 and this is already the fourth Bigfoot sighting we will have reported. The more things change, the more they stay the same. This latest Bigfoot sighting was captured on video in Okaloosa County near Crestview in the panhandle of Florida by a man named Tyler Howell. Howell’s video was shared to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) Facebook page where it proceeded to stump and amaze viewers, resulting in over 130 comments.

Here’s the eyewitness report filed by the BFRO on their website

OBSERVED: Went on a afternoon hike and decided to stop at the clear cut where big powers lines are to see if I could see a deer or something. I jumped up numerous turkey and deer while hiking. So I parked the car, rolled down the windows, shut the car off and just listened and watched.

Not even 10 mins go by and this large black thing just starts walking across the open all the way to the other side. I get out of the car to get closer to see it, soon as I do that it see’s me then steps into the tree line. I hurried back to my car and watched from the cab. I called an individual and on the phone with them while I’m still watching it.

At first before I started recording I noticed it and for a second I thought a hiker or hunter. But it’s posture and how it moved didn’t look right. To me it looked hunched over or like it’s [sic] shoulders we’re rolled forward. I showed a buddy and he agrees with me so idk. Found a dismantled deer very close by. Head was missing and front legs were ripped off.

Their [sic] was a document sighting on BFRO about 1 mile or so from here. I have a video of the subject and photo’s [sic] of the deer. I was very close to the shoal river. Thick tye dye swamp very close by.

BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker also followed up with Howell.

I spoke with the witness. He is credible. He is the manager of the Surf Hut restaurant in Miramar Beach. He lives in Niceville and spends much time hiking on Eglin Air Force Base — a vast unpopulated area in the Florida Panhandle.

He was parked in the powerline cut just off Colonel Greg Malloy Road, also called Range Road 211. Specifically, he was parked where the powerline access road is roped off. Roughly 10 minutes after arriving he saw the figure crossing the powerline cut some distance away to the north. See Google Maps link above for the approximate crossing point. He believes the figure was just to the north from where Pearl Creek crosses the powerline cut, perhaps 40 yards or so beyond the small creek bed (which is not very visible in the video).

He was too far from the figure to see details. He was also fully zoomed in with his smartphone camera. No details are visible in the video, but it is clearly dark and upright and bipedal, so either a human in dark clothes or a bigfoot.

It is deer bow hunting season in Florida. Anyone in this area (a hunting unit of Elgin AFB) is required to wear a blaze orange hunting vest. The figure was definitely not wearing a blaze orange hunting vest. With his own eyes he says it was a solid dark figure and it seemed leaned over forward a bit.

The sighting is important partly because of the number of other reports from this general area, including one within a few miles just a few weeks ago.

Howell uploaded the video to YouTube at the request of Moneymaker in an effort to try to gain more clarity on the Bigfoot sighting.

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