Strange Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Depicts a UFO Landing On The Sphinx

By: Arber Isufi, ,

We are sure you must have heard about the Anunnaki theory, an alien race from the planet Nibiru, came to Earth, mutated DNA and created man kind, they have been gone for ages but it is said one day they will return.

Ancient Egyptian gods for example, it is said to have been Anunnaki, since in texts, scrolls and hieroglyphics, they are portrayed as mythical creatures coming down from the sky and leading mankind. Recently a papyrus showing some kind of saucer UFO spaceship coming down on top of Sphinx, could be resembling gods, or the Anunnaki coming down to Earth.

This papyrus is now located in the Cairo Museum, Egypt and is open to all visitors who want to see it in person, truly fascinating theory.

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