‘Phantom Buildings’ Mysteriously Appearing On Google Maps Prompt Conspiracy Theories

'Phantom Buildings' Mysteriously Appearing On Google Maps Prompt Conspiracy Theories

So-called ‘phantom buildings’ have mysteriously appeared on Google Maps and have prompted conspiracy theories as a result.

An eagle-eyed Twitter-user spotted the buildings that are apparently in Manchester, UK, but residents of the city will know that’s not the case.

The cluster of ghost buildings were spotted by the Twitter-user, simply known as Kimberly on the platform, are non-existent buildings shown to be next to Manchester’s Magistrates Court.

Tweeting about the mystery building, Kimberly wrote, ‘What the f*ck are these weird phantom buildings on google maps. they’re just clipping into other buildings. They’re not real. WTF.’


In a follow-up tweet she added, ‘I still genuinely don’t know where these phantom buildings came from or where their textures are coming from.’

Several people have since replied their thoughts on the matter. One person suggested, ‘That’s them photoshopping the pictures together to make it look like the earth isn’t flat,’ while someone else begged the question if the building in question was recently demolished.

Another person said, ‘Could be a satellite [that] initially gave the map team the wrong coordinates for the building’, while one person even went as far as suggesting Kimberly was a mime and she didn’t know it.

But only one person hit the nail on the head. The correct person said, ‘It’s probably a real building that’s in completely the wrong place.’ and, after conducting her own research, Kimberly replied, ‘Oh my god you’re f*cking right’.


In another tweet, Kimberly showed that the ghost building appeared to be a shadowed version of another building that’s actually located behind the Lowry Hotel.

While she managed to work out the what and the where, there questions of why and how this spooky ‘ghost building’ is there remains unsolved.

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