Official Halloween Kills Trailer Now Available And Answers Many Questions….

By: Will Martinez……

For those that missed it yesterday the new “Halloween Kills” (slated for a 2021 October release) Trailer came out and it was more than expected.

Let me take you back to where the last Halloween movie left off as a bit of a palette refresher to get everyone up to speed. The conclusion of first movie in a trilogy series, Laurie Strode played by “Jamie Lee Curtis” manages to trap Michael Myers in the basement of her home while it was set ablaze. Of course this gives the watchers a sense of “OMG did she finally kill him” only to be reminded that this is a horror movie and the antagonist doesn’t go out that easy.

In one of the final scenes from the movie you see Laurie her daughter and granddaughter being whisked away via ambulance and as they are traveling up the highway you can see fire trucks passing by on their way to the fiery inferno of Laurie’s house. At that moment Laurie shouts “Noooo let him burn!!!” and this is all displayed in the beginning of this trailer but now we know the answer to one of biggest questions since the last movie? How did Michael survive that fire?

Halloween Kills trailer reveals first look at original characters

What transpires next in the trailer is one of the most enjoyable sequence of events that not only explain how Michael survived but also how brutal and violent this next chapter is shaping up to be. Watch now below to the next chapter in the Halloween series that is looking more and more promising……

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