Abandoned Scots Village On The Market – But Comes With Resident Ghost…..

By: Joseph Anderson…..

Ruin at Old Village of Lawers- Property News Scotland
The Lady of Lawers was the last occupant of the house.  

AN ABANDONED Scots village has hit the market for just £125,000 – but buyers will have to put up with the resident ghost.

The Old Village of Lawers along the side of Loch Tay in Aberfeldy is up for sale and includes the Lady of Lawers, a soothsayer from the late 17th century. The land was previously for sale for £100,000 in 2016 but has now been put back on the market. The picturesque 3.31 acre land includes the House of Lawers – the Laird’s House – which was the last home of the Lady of Lawers.

Her house is said to stand on the site of an earlier property that was burned down by the Marquis of Montrose in 1645. Also known as Mary Campbell, the Lady is said to have predicted that ridging stones “will never be placed on the roof of the church” the day before they were washed away in a storm. It is claimed she also predicted that “evil will come” to the person who harmed a local ash tree.

Lawers and Loch Tay - Property News Scotland
The site runs along the side of Loch Tay. 

The tree was later chopped down by a local farmer, who died when he was gored by his own bull. She was also said to have predicted railways, steam ships and the Highland Clearances The Lady is said to still haunt the Old Village of Lawers and has three prophecies still to be fulfilled. They include that “a strange heir will come to Balloch when the Boar’s Stone at Fearnan topples over”.

Another stated that “a ship driven by smoke will sink in the loch with great loss of life” and “the time will come when Ben Lawers will become so cold that it will chill and waste the land for seven miles.” The 1841 Census suggests that there may have been 17 people living by the Loch in the “Old Village”.

Old Village of Lawers - Property News Scotland
The site is available for £125,000.

But by 1891, there were only seven people, all of whom lived in the Pier Master’s house which was finally abandoned in 1926. Sellers Goldcrest have listed the spooky sale for offers over £125,000. They state: “The Lady of Lawers is remembered for various prophecies, a number of which appear to have come true. “Perhaps unsurprisingly, the site is said to be haunted to this day by a female; presumably the Lady!

“The house is of particular interest, having been the home of the Lady of Lawers, its last occupant. “In the western part of the property is Lawers Kirk (c.1669), which lies adjacent to an earlier structure. “The buildings at the eastern end include a mill and a kiln. “The assembly of buildings here is powerfully evocative of an early modern settlement on the banks of the Loch and the edge of the stream, which powered the mill.”

Lawers village comprises a small collection of houses, a church and a hotel. It adjoins the A827, Killin to Kenmore road, from where a farm track leads down to the western end of the property.

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