Is Kentucky One Of The Most Haunted States In The US? Don’t Drive On These 10 Haunted Streets In Kentucky… Or You’ll Regret It…..

By : Jenn Shockley…..

6 Reasons This Haunted Kentucky Road is Bone-Chilling

Kentucky has its share of legends and lore, some of which involve our roadways – both new and old. There’s a great controversy among some Kentuckians over the existence of spirits, ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. However, each of these roadways has been the subject of more than one report that can send chills up the spine. So, without further ado, here are 10 haunted streets in Kentucky that you’ll likely want to avoid.

10. Allendale Tunnel on Robins Drive

This tunnel is located on the southern end of Robins Drive in Elsmere. A hook sets sturdily on the center of the tunnel, where a man was said to have hung himself. People report apparitions as well as screaming and unsettling voices.

9. Florence Street

One of the most haunted streets in Kentucky, this twisty, windy road in Corbin features a 25 MPH speed limit and lots of woodlands. Pedestrians have reported feeling ill and uneasy when walking along this part of the road. Additionally, many feel as though they’re being watched. Most of the time, they make a hasty retreat to get away from the area.

8. Red Dog Road

Lights flicker in the trees and sounds can be heard crunching through the woods at a fork on Red Dog Road in Harlan. Legend has it that in the 1930s, a miner shot and killed another miner over a personal conflict.

7. Coral Hill Road (aka KY 740)

This country road in Glasgow, which is also known as KY 740, has been the focus of some harrowing tales of a headless man, who apparently follows some of those who see him.

6. KY 90

The story goes that a 1950 newlywed couple stood on a cliff (which is now known as Lover’s Leap in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park) and the bride slipped and fell to her death in Williamsburg. Now, people driving down this haunted street in Kentucky often see a woman in a wedding gown. Several even claim to have hit her.

5. Narrows Road

A 1950s police vehicle is said to haunt Narrows Road in Erlanger. Apparently, an officer was hit while doing a routine traffic stop, and his spirit continues to do the job he never got to finish.

4. Power Street

This Cumberland street is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl, running about, crying, and rattling door knobs. Lore tells the tale of a young girl around the age of 8 being hit in the head with an ax by her mother. She haunts the neighborhood because no one helped during the assault.

3. Rails Restaurant on East Main

This eatery is in a building from the 1800s, where a young girl named Jennie was said to have died of Typhoid Fever. Today, she frolics about not only the restaurant but also along East Main in La Grange as well as the parking area. She’s often heard laughing, and she loves to play small pranks, like moving things about.

2. Baker’s Hollow Road and the Cemetery

Bakers Hollow Road in Marion has a cemetery that supposedly disappears and reappears along different parts of the road. People have reported disembodied screams, voices, and laughter, lights, and other unusual sounds coming from the cemetery when it makes an appearance.

1. Wayland and Millcreek Mines Before the Collapse

Floyd County was the site of a nightmarish mine collapse in 1956, in which 26 miners were either crushed or suffocated. Now, those unhappy spirits are said to follow travelers, especially pedestrians, as they journey down the road. Imagine seeing an abundance of lights on hats, slowly walking behind you. Yikes!

Next time you decide to watch a scary movie, remember, there are haunted places in Kentucky, where you can get a little dose of real fear. Non-believers have visited some of these interesting places and found themselves feeling a change of heart. I have seen quite a few unexplainable phenomena myself over the years. If you’ve been to any of the haunted streets in Kentucky mentioned above or know of another haunted place in Kentucky, share your story in the comments section.

What are some other creepy places in Kentucky?

Creepy places in Kentucky are plentiful, and Bardstown’s Pioneer Cemetery (also known as Old Jail Cemetery) is one of them. The perfect place for a spooky stroll, the haunting landscape features gravestones and chest tombs that date back to the 1700s. And though the cemetery hasn’t been in use since the 1850s, the grounds are well-kept, which means many tombstone inscriptions are still legible. Near the cemetery, you’ll find Old Nelson County Jail, another creepy spot worth exploring. You can actually tour the upstairs dungeon, which features two small jail cells. Built in 1819, it’s one of the oldest jail complexes in the state of Kentucky. The jail was in use until 1987, and though it’s been out of commission for quite some time, both staff and guests have reported encounters with prisoners from the past.

Are there any more haunted places in Kentucky?

There are several haunted places in Kentucky, including the Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown. It’s most known for playing host to the infamous outlaw Jesse James. Legend has it that James thought he saw someone in his room and fired his gun, leaving bullet holes in a painting on the wall. It’s said that James still visits the tavern to this day, but he’s not the only one. The tavern is shrouded in lore. Throughout the years, countless guests have reported seeing a strange woman as well as having their stuff moved or taken altogether. Perryville Battlefield is another notorious haunt, which makes sense, as it was the site of Kentucky’s biggest and bloodiest Civil War battle. It’s estimated that about 7,600 individuals were wounded or killed in the October 8, 1862 battle. A majority of the bodies were left to decompose on the battlefield, which many believe is the reason for the ghost-like figures seen wandering the grounds.

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