UFO Filmed on Live TV During The Day Blatant And Big

UFO on Live TV during the day on RT Russia Today France.

This is a spectacular UFO filmed by Russia Today (France) News Outlet on Live TV while the anchor was talking to a guest.

This UFO has big and blatant ideas about what is acceptable in the modern world. Going on Live TV during the day isn’t acceptable because it confuses the masses of people who then start arguing about if what they saw, really and actually exists!

Obviously a UFO flying around a city of Earth means nothing to this pilot and that’s if it’s Aliens in the first place? It could be a top secret aerial vehicle created by the Russians or it could be a private group creating exotic aerial vehicles, it could be subcontractors working with or for the Government or personal but powerful individuals?

The UFO is seen on the live TV during the day and so the snapshot from the video is put through a filter and shows up even better. It’s kind of like a Cigar shaped UFO but the top of the craft looks uneven so I don’t know what to make of it, do you have any idea what it is?

Let’s hope it’s man made because if not then Extraterrestrials are becoming bolder and it shows that it’s got no second thoughts about flying through a city in the daylight. I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing or if it’s a bad thing flying around a city in the daytime?

UFO snapshot put through a filter shows a UFO definitely there.

There’s more than likely and probably, no way of knowing what it’s primary function is i.e spying on humans or if it’s just getting people used to seeing a UFO on a daily basis? But I’ll tell you now, I’d like to know big time who created this UFO right at it’s origins as anything is possible, right…

It (UFO) comes into the screen from the top right corner and it speeds down towards the bottom left hand corner of the screen going between the guest’s shoulder and a large brick building which is (I presume in Russia) one of the largest brick buildings in the area?

The original live footage was aired on Russia Today (RT) which they were speaking in Russian and the video title is in.

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