Bizarre Moment News Segment Is Interrupted By Hellish Satanic Ritual…..

By: Niamh Shackleton …..

Bizarre Moment News Segment Is Interrupted By Hellish Satanic Ritual
Broadcasters are forever making blunders live on air, but this one is up there as one of the strangest.

During a news segment on Australia proposing prison sentences for those who hurt police animals, ABC TV shows footage of three suit-clad men standing outside a building, when all of a sudden a snippet of a satanic ritual is shown.

The odd clip shows three people on a stage, one of which is wearing a black, hooded cloak, while another is sat behind a keyboard, all next to an upside-down crucifix that’s on fire.

One of them loudly shouts, ‘Hail, Satan!’, before ABC returns to news anchor Yvonne Yong in the studio.

Yong fails to acknowledge the faux pas and casually moves on to the next piece of news.

Watch the odd broadcast here:

The clip shown may have come from a Facebook video of the Noosa Temple of Satan, which is based in Queensland, according to Insider.

The group has since shared a picture of Yong on their Facebook page, branding the reporter as ‘[their hero]’.

The Noosa Temple made headlines in Australia recently after campaigning to teach religious instruction classes in Queensland state schools.

They were refused access, however, sparking the group to claim their human rights had been breached, Brisbane Times reports.

Australian satanic group (ABC TV)

The request was filed in February, and a month later, Education Department state schools deputy director-general, Peter Kelly, rejected the request, saying they were not a religious denomination or society.

Kelly said in a statement at the time:

From statements publicly attributed to you, the department understands that the Temple was established in response to the Australian government’s proposal for a religious discrimination bill and that most of the people who follow Satanism, do not believe that Satan exists.”

‘Accordingly, the department considers there is a real question whether the Temple’s true purpose is political as opposed to religious,’ he continued. ‘There is also limited evidence to demonstrate that the Temple has sufficient membership in order to be regarded as a denomination or society.’

Noosa Temple of Satan founder Robin Bristow aka Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon (Noosa Temple of Satan/Facebook)
Noosa Temple of Satan/Facebook

In light of their grievances and the department’s denial, the Noosa Temple of Satan has challenged Queensland Education Department’s decision at the Supreme Court, claiming the decision is ‘incompatible with the human right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief because it treated small religious groups differently to larger groups, and it made an error of law by adopting a numerical membership criteria’.

The group also plans to pursue charges in New South Wales, Brisbane Times reports.

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