Mysterious Encounters and an Alien Contactee in Mexico…..

By : Brett Swancer …… UFO Secret - The Friendship Case - Extraordinary Case of Mass Alien  Contact : ---: Movies & TV

For decades there have been those certain individuals who seem to draw UFO phenomena and alien encounters to them. Called “Contactees,” these people, for whatever reasons, seem to have such high strangeness gravitate towards them, their stories running the range from odd to downright bonkers. Some of these reports stand out as even more unusual and others, and some even manage to gather photographic evidence, with one notable such case being that of a photographer in Mexico who one evening would have a bizarre encounter that would mark the beginning of a weird relationship with supposed alien entities.

In January of 1981, photographer Carlos Diaz was on assignment for a magazine and on his way to meet a journalist at Ajusco Park, near Mexico City, Mexico. Diaz arrived quite a bit early, and so parked his car and waited for his contact to arrive. The minutes ticked by, the journalist did not arrive, and the impatient Diaz stared out the window wondering when they would arrive. It was then that he noticed a bright orange, oval-shaped object emerge from a nearby valley, which then approached his car to hover over him nearby. Considering that he had set up all of his camera equipment, the quick-thinking Diaz was in a perfect position to start snapping pics of the surreal sight before him, but as he took his photos his car began to shudder and shake, to the point that the vehicle was spasming and jumping wildly and violently. Diaz exited the car and allegedly still kept snapping photos as the mysterious object shot straight up into the sky to disappear. The startled photographer was at a loss as to what he had seen, wondering if any of the photos he had taken would actually turn out, and at the time he had no way of knowing that his strange experiences were far from over.

Diaz would become obsessed with what he had seen in the sky that morning, turning it over in his head again and again and returning to the same spot on numerous occasions in the hopes of seeing it again, mostly without success, but this would change in March of that year. On this day it was apparently foggy and rainy, and Diaz had little hope that he would find anything, but then he would notice a yellow glow from the valley, and creep closer. Once again, the bright orange object appeared and began hovering nearby, and this time Diaz was able to see more details of its appearance. He would describe it as “dome-shaped with a smooth ring in its center,” and “covered with a number of half spheres, each around one meter in diameter.” As he stared on in astonishment, Diaz claims he felt a sensation as if someone had grabbed him from behind, after which he lost consciousness. When he awoke, he found that his clothes were completely dry, despite the fact that they had been soaked with rain earlier, and the mysterious UFO was gone.

Dazed and confused, Diaz went back to his car, and this was where he would notice another car parked nearby, from which walked a tall, blonde stranger who allegedly told him to come back the following day if he wanted to learn more. Overcome by curiosity, he went back as instructed, to find the same blonde individual sitting there waiting for him. This mysterious figure then admitted to Diaz that it was he who had grabbed him by the shoulder, and that he was in fact the one piloting the UFO. This enigmatic stranger would not divulge anymore, only to say that Diaz would slowly regain his memory of what had happened, and that it would change his life forever. That seemed to be the end of the meeting, the blonde stranger stalking off into the woods to leave Diaz there alone and afraid.

Over the next several months, bits and pieces of what had happened after his shoulder had been grabbed would come back to him, until it formed a full picture in his mind. He would claim that the UFO had come to within touching distance, and that he had passed through its surface to seemingly merge with it, after which he had seen a cave, of which he says “’It was full of stalagmites, some of which were carved into what appeared to be Mayan sculptures. I saw many people in the cave, some of whom waved to me and, in a state of shock, I waved back.” Then the blonde humanoid entity had appeared beside him to guide him to another cave that supposedly “contained seven glowing, egg-shaped orbs.” The being told Diaz to enter one of these orbs, and things would get even more surreal still when he found himself within some sort of forest, of which he would say:

“I could see all the details of the forest as if I was walking through it. I couldn’t touch anything, but I could feel the temperature and moisture. I could see and experience everything, yet I wasn’t physically there.”

He was then brought back into the original cave and brought back to his car, after which the being told him that he had received some mysterious knowledge and then left. After this, Diaz would claim to be frequently contacted by these entities, and that he would step into these orbs on numerous occasions, traveling all over the earth through them and even through time, being taught by the aliens that everything was interconnected, and that his mission was to help the ecology of the earth. German author Michael Hesemann, who interviewed Diaz, would give more information on these meetings, saying:

“Not only is he contacting these beings through encounters on the ships, but he claims to be meeting these beings socially, since he believes some of them are living among us. Apparently, they explained that they have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and are particularly interested in our evolution which, compared to their own, has happened at a much faster rate. They are trying to learn why.”

As the story of Diaz’s alien encounters got out into the news, the photos he had taken of the alleged UFO would come under scrutiny, with many Mexican ufologists touting them as among the clearest they had ever seen and several analyses supposedly coming to the conclusion that they were genuine at the time. One professor Victor Quesada at the Polytechnical Institute of the University of Mexico supposedly analyzed the photos and said of them:

“We were shocked to discover that the spectrum of light from the object was unlike anything we have ever seen, it broke all previous parameters and didn’t match anything in our data banks. The light was extraordinarily intense. There was no evidence of superimposition or a hoax. We estimated the object to be around 30 to 50 meters in diameter.”

These photos were also apparently studied by other experts, including even Dr Robert Nathan at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, who allegedly concluded that they were genuine. Diaz would later even allegedly take video footage of the UFOs, which have gone on to be picked apart and are generally controversial. In the meantime, there was much said about Diaz’s reliability, and that he seemed to be a particularly lucid and believable witness to the events he was describing. One UFO researcher and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, John Mack, has said of Diaz:

“Out of all the experiencers I have worked with, it is Carlos Diaz who seems to have developed the richest understanding of the interconnected web of nature. Diaz’s experience of connecting with living creatures is so intense that he seems literally to become the thing he is describing. The Carlos Diaz case is the most important case of documented alien-human contact to have emerged in modern times.”

Diaz has continued to insist on the reality of his photos and his experiences, calling himself a “messenger” working to save the earth from the imminent destruction the aliens have told us will befall us if we don’t change our ways. It is all a very weird case, largely unknown outside of Mexico and Spanish-speaking sites, but it does go to show that the contactee phenomenon can get pretty weird, indeed. Whatever one makes of this case, it is all certainly strange at the very least.

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