Haunted New York Mansion With Nine Ghosts is Now For Sale ……

By: Jocelyn Leblanc

Haunted house in Nyack, NY, is for sale again

Located in Troy, New York, is the Enslin Mansion and it is currently on the market for $444,444 – according to the current owner, this is a spiritual number which is quite appropriate considering the haunting history of the house, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

This historical house was built in 1890 and features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3,062 square feet inside, and sits on a 3,500 square foot lot. There are still some original features of the house from when it was constructed such as the front parlor’s tin ceiling. It was bought by Bavarian native Frederick Anthony Feyl and his wife in 1919 and the home remained in the family for six generations (the current owner is the great-granddaughter of Mr. Feyl). The building has been seen on several television networks like TLC and Discovery ID in addition to being in numerous movies.

Paranormal teams have also visited the house and claimed to have detected ghosts as well as having creepy experiences. As a matter of fact, it is said that there are nine ghosts that occupy the Enslin Mansion. The spirits include a young man who is very protective; a woman who died after being pushed down the stairs; and a grandfather entity. More specifically, Michele Bell, who is the current owner and great-granddaughter of Mr. Feyl, explained that five deceased members of her family are still present in the home and that includes her late son Nick. The woman who was found deceased at the bottom of the basement stairs was named Shirley who was a border at the house. And there are three other male spirits. Additional paranormal activity includes hearing sudden and unexplained sounds.

Bell, who has described herself as being an intuitive alchemist and empath, reiterated that the house is paranormally active by saying, “It has a lot of spirits. It’s very haunted.” She went on to say that she keeps the basement and other specific areas locked up because they’re so haunted.

In her Airbnb listing where visitors can spend the night at the creepy house, she noted that “…our ghosts are harmless; you probably won’t see them, although some visitors swear they exist!”

The mansion has another type of history that isn’t as creepy as several well-known individuals were hosted at its supper club in the 1920s such as Jack “Legs” Diamond who was a gangster and bootlegger. “My great-grandfather had connections,” Bell stated, adding that his ties with certain people “…weren’t necessarily notorious, as Feyl was a man who knew people.”

From a notorious gangster visiting a century ago, to recent ghostly stories, the Enslin Mansion certainly has a long and very interesting history.

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