Dead Children’s Playground is a Haunted Park Hidden Inside Alabama’s Largest Cemetery…..

By: Dana Matthews …..

Drost Park in Huntsville, Alabama might just be the world’s most unfortunately-situated park. Nicknamed Dead Children’s Playground, the eerily-isolated park is located in a secret spot smack-dab in the middle of the one-hundred-acre Maple Hill Cemetery. Yep, you guessed it, it’s haunted.

Maple Hill Cemetery is Alabama’s largest cemetery and was founded way back in 1822, and though the graveyard has been at the center of quite a bit of paranormal activity, it’s Dead Children’s Playground that is the real hotspot when it comes to meeting a ghost. The small playground is tucked away inside the actual cemetery, and many paranormal investigators say it’s a regular haunt for the spirits of deceased children who still come to play when the sun goes down.

Legend says that during the 1960s, the area around Huntsville was gripped by a terrible rash of child abductions that devastated the city. Unfortunately, many of the children didn’t survive the clutches of their captors, and their bodies were discovered around the area where the macabre playground now sits.

Over the years, many curious adventurers have made the midnight trek down the long dark road to Dead Children’s Playground with the hopes of capturing paranormal activity for themselves. Investigators have reported witnessing the swing moving by itself, as well as hearing the disembodied voices of children singing, playing, and even calling out to them. The swings, which are said to sometimes swing back and forth, side by side, are usually at the center of the activity.

The citizens of Huntsville are so fond of the little haunted playground that in 2007, when the city removed the slides and swing sets to make more room of the cemetery, the public outcry caused the city to not only put the playground back, but to replace all of the equipment with brand new installations.

It seems that The Dead Children’s Playground isn’t going anywhere, and seeing as the paranormal activity has only increased in the past few years, it’s safe to say that the spirits haunting the park are just as glad to have the space as the living.

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