Andy and Kyle from the Original ‘Child’s Play’ Movies Return in Images from Next Week’s Episode!

By: Brad Miska

Syfy’s ongoing Child’s Play series is jam-packed full of surprises and this past Tuesday’s episode fired on all cylinders.

Franchise creator Don Mancini took the reigns with Seed of Chucky and has since carved out a funhouse of horrors that continued through a handful of sequels and now “Chucky”, the new series that’s insanely canon. So much so that nearly everyone is returning. That includes Tiffany and Nica, who made their return to the franchise in this week’s episode.

We got our hands on several images for next week’s episode, “Cape Queer”, which gives us a new look at Alex Vincent‘s return as Andy Barclay, the young boy from the very first Child’s Play (1988) film. It also offers up our very first look at and confirmation of Christine Elise‘s return as Kyle from Child’s Play 2.

As you might recall, Elise made a surprise appearance at the very end of Cult of Chucky, where she discovers Chucky’s decapitated and extremely mutilated head.

There are only three episodes left as “Chucky” continues next Tuesday, on Syfy and USA.

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