Why Some People Still Believe the “Alien Autopsy” Film is the Real Thing

By: Nick Redfern

Alien autopsy' filmmaker regrets hoax

Yes, really: there are a few people in the UFO field who still buy into the saga – and the footage, too – of what became infamous in the mid-1990s: the Alien Autopsy film. I should stress I have no belief in the film in the slightest. However, when the film – rumored to show a dead alien recovered near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 – first surfaced I did wonder if the “dead alien” was really a human being with a very strange, rare condition. There’s something else, too. Some things in the Ray Santilli autopsy story tie-in eerily with certain other material that has surfaced – some in the same period as the footage appeared and other data that surfaced back in the early 1980s.

Not many people know that. So, with all that said, let’s take a look at why, precisely, the true-believers are still believing. One of the most noticeable aspects of the footage is that it is very blurry. Some said that the film was deliberately blurred to make sure people wouldn’t see that the dummy was precisely that: a dummy. Interestingly, though, way back in 1980 – long before the film was shown – researcher Leonard Stringfield was given a story, said to have been based on a real event, that contained those key issues: a blurred film, dead aliens, and a hoaxed situation. As you will see now:

A report that may have a bearing on this issue of the Alien Autopsy film came from the premier collector of UFO crash-retrieval accounts, the late Leonard Stringfield. In 1980, in The UFO Crash Retrieval Syndrome, Stringfield related the testimony of a former “Air Force radar specialist,” who in the spring of 1953 was “summoned to view a film at the base theater” while stationed at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey. The film, Stringfield was told, showed “a desert scene dominated by a silver disc-shaped object embedded in the sand with a domed section at the top.”

The source of the story advised Stringfield that the UFO had been recovered in New Mexico in 1952. It was fifteen to twenty feet in diameter and was surrounded by “ten to fifteen military personnel dressed in fatigues.” Stringfield’s informant told him that the movie then jumped to another scene. According to the man’s recollection: “Now in view were two tables, probably taken inside a tent, on which were dead bodies. Two were on one table; one on the other. The bodies appeared little by human standards and most notable were the heads, all looking alike, and all being large compared to their body sizes. They looked Mongoloid, with small noses, mouths, and eyes that were shut.”

Interestingly, Stringfield was told that the man and his colleagues were ordered by a superior officer not to discuss what they had seen with anyone and merely to “think about the movie.” Two weeks later, T.E. was told: “Forget the movie you saw; it was a hoax.” Stringfield’s 1980 source added that: “The 5-minute-long movie was not a Walt Disney production. It was probably shot by an inexperienced cameraman because it was full of scratches, and had poor coloring and texture.” Indeed, that sounds very much like the Alien Autopsy film. As does the hoax angle in all of this. Now, let’s jump further into the 1980s. In 1986, the British UFO investigator, Jenny Randles, made an intriguing comment with regard to an offer of alleged Top Secret documents on crashed UFOs that had been made to her by a British Army source that she calls “Robert.”

According to Randles, Robert had then recently left the military and had personal access to certain UFO files that had been surreptitiously removed from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, and provided to the British Army by a source at Wright-Patterson. From there, sources in the Army were determined to forward this documentation on to Randles for circulation and dissemination to the public. The transfer of the classified material to Randles never occurred, however, and to this day she remains unsure of what motivated this bizarre episode. Her comments on this strange, cloak-and-dagger episode are notable, however, and highly relevant to alleged film footage showing an alien autopsy.

Within the files described to Jenny in 1986 were photographs that were very much like images that had been lifted directly from the Alien Autopsy film: “Bear in mind,” Randles said to me, when I interviewed her specifically on the matter in 1997 that “…1986 was years before the Autopsy film surfaced. In fact, the connections with the Autopsy film and with what Robert told me are chillingly similar. One of the impressions that you get from viewing the Alien Autopsy footage is that the body is very human-like; and is around five foot in height. I have to say, it struck me as soon as I saw the footage that this was very similar to what Robert had described.” Now, we come to the next part of the story.

It was in the 1990s that I began to suspect that the Roswell, New Mexico affair of July 1947 had nothing to do with aliens, but a great deal to do with classified, top secret experiments involving high-altitudes that went catastrophically wrong. Not only, that some of my sources said that the people used in the experiments were quietly taken from hospitals. The reason, I was told: was because, back then, handicapped people would not be missed in the tests. The more and more I looked into the story, the more I came to believe that aliens did not crash outside of Roswell. But, handicapped people – strapped in huge, high-flying balloon arrays – did. I was quietly informed that some of the people had extreme conditions.

One, I was told, suffered from Progeria, an aging condition. A person with Progeria has a frail, thin body, a large head, and no hair. You can see where I’m going, right? Things got even more amazing: While following up on the claims of my sources, I learned that in the summer of 1947 a number of dwarfs and one with a Progeria-like condition were taken to the Oak Ridge atomic facility, Tennessee. To my amazement I did indeed find references to dwarfs and Progeria.

A number of handicapped people, some of them having various forms of dwarfism, were removed from Fort Stanton, New Mexico. Very notable is the fact that Fort Stanton is in the very same county – Lincoln County, New Mexico – that the Roswell debris was found in. The “test subjects” were taken to the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, atomic facility. It’s worth noting the contents of the November 3, 1947 edition of the Biology Division Bulletin of Oak Ridge’s Clinton National Laboratory. It contains a paper titled “Current Journal Articles of Interest in the Biology Library.” One of those same articles was focused on research into children with thyroid-based disorders. It was written by Edith H. Quimby and Donovan McCune, M.D., in August 1947.

The article, along with other documents from Oak Ridge, reveals that staff at the facility had undertaken research on “…fifty-four test subjects.” Those same “test subjects” were comprised of “…fifteen [who] were between one and four years of age; 7 were controls; 2 were classic cretins; 1 showed some features of hypothyroidism which were not modified by treatment; 2 were dwarfs; in 1 the diagnosis was ‘gargoylism;’ 1 was suspected of Progeria, a disorder associated with some of the features of hypothyroidism; and the last exhibited features of moderate sexual precocity. Twenty-seven were more than four but less than fifteen years of age. Of these 2 had unmistakable hypothyroidism, 2 Graves disease, four were dwarfs.”

Progeria and dwarfs and a connection to Lincoln County, New Mexico? Yes. Not only that, take a look at the head and face of the alien autopsy dummy. There is no doubt there is a similarity to Progeria. Put all of the above together and you can see why some people might still think that the Alien Autopsy is the real deal. That doesn’t take away, though, the grim reality that something terrible and awful happened outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Not only that, the strangest thing of all this is that the hoaxed material, and the stories fed to Leonard Stringfield and Jenny Randles, closely mirrored reality.

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