Famous Navy UFO video hiding something ‘really interesting’, expert says

By: Adam Cailller

The footage released by the United States Navy in 2020 has been a source of conversation for UFO enthusiasts around the world, including expert and investigator Mick West

One of the most famous videos of a possible UFO sightings has more to it than we first thought, an expert has claimed. The footage taken in 2004, and released into the public by the United States Navy in September, 2020, was originally labeled as not being a UFO sighting, despite the footage being classified as genuine. The Navy claimed that the image shown on screen was, in fact, glare on a Navy jet’s gimbal camera system.

The pilot who shot the footage, now-retired David Fravor told CNN in 2017: “As I got close to it, it rapidly accelerated to the south, and disappeared in less than two seconds.” The video footage appears to show some kind of circular-shaped object moving above the clouds, but then disappearing from shot soon after.

And now, UFO investigator Mick West has claimed that the “glare” could have been a UFO. He said, on a video posted on his YouTube channel: “This could, even if it’s not a UFO, be something really interesting. “So if this isn’t a glare, then we’ve got an object over 10 miles away – probably 30 – that somehow rotates when the jet rotates so it stays fixed in the cameras frame.

“It’s an object that somehow bumps the camera before it rotates.

“It’s an object that somehow projects rotating light patterns that rotate with it.

“It’s an object that rotates in a way that matches exactly the amount needed to stay within three degrees of a gimbal system tracking the target while minimizing roll, but just from this one plane at this pitch and this bank angle.

“Or, it’s a glare, rotating because of the gimbal system.”

The US Navy has never clarified exactly how the glare appeared, or what the glare came from, but it has stood by its claim of the image not showing a UFO – despite the pilot claiming otherwise.

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