Freddy’s Nightmares is Now Absolutely Free to Stream all 44 Episodes

By: Trey Hilburn III …….

Freddy’s Nightmares was a tough one to acquire for a good while. The anthology series – all set around Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare On Elm Street was just hard to find in its entirety. Especially with any sort of decent quality. The show that aired back in 1988 was event TV for horror hounds. The series began very hopefully. It actually began based around Freddy himself and was even directed by Texas Chainsaw Massacre director, Tobe Hooper to boot. Good news, y’all now the entire series is available for streaming.

For a bit, the very awesome El Rey channel had the rights to the entire series. But, sadly El Rey is no longer with us. So, Freddy fans were hoping that we would get a remastered edition on disc. But, that didn’t happen. At least not yet. So, this the next best and free thing.

The first episode (No More Mr. Nice Guy) of the series was set around Krueger and his trial. We all know that Fred was set free on a technicality and was later met with the full vigilante force of Elm Street’s parents.

The pilot episode isn’t half bad. I can still remember tuning into this one with a huge amount of bewildering excitement that we had an entire series about Krueger. Sadly, the series ends up going way off base. It is said to be about Freddy’s actual nightmares. But, these short stories just didn’t feel like they were part of the world of Kreuger.

All that said, its still fun to watch and a really interesting piece of horror history as a whole. The fact that it made it to 44 episodes is also really impressive.

There are a couple of episodes that sort of dive back into Freddy lore but for the most part they are unrelated tales.

Head over to TUBI to begin your dive into Freddy’s Nightmares right now!

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