New Footage Emerges Of Georgia Guidestones Destroyed By Bomb

By: Matthew Gault …..

After surviving a bombing and partial destruction, authorities have completely demolished the Georgia Guidestones, a structure that has been the target of conspiracy theories for years. Authorities cited safety concerns. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) posted a photo of the demolished Guidestones alongside new security footage from the night of the explosion in an effort to find the person who destroyed the historic landmark.

The guidestones were weird massive slabs of granite constructed by wealthy anonymous donors who inscribed the stones with strange instructions for the future in multiple languages. 

They were destroyed around 4am on the night of July 6 with some sort of explosive device. The two new videos released by the GBI on social media show the moment of the detonation and a gray sedan with a sunroof speeding away from the scene.

Erected in 1980, the Guidestones were long the center of right-wing conspiracy theories in the southern state. Kandiss Taylor, a Republican candidate for the Governor in Georgia, has called the stones Luciferian, promised to use an executive order to remove the stones, and praised their destruction on Twitter.

The GBI is looking for information from anyone who may know what happened to the stones.

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