Haunted UK Inn Is Ghost Hunting Hotspot But It Comes With A Catch

By: Emily Lefroy …..

This “haunted” hotel is only for guests who love things that go bump in the night.

Those brave enough can enjoy a stay at Ye Olde Kings Head in the UK — although those guests wishing for a spooky evening must sign a waiver upon arrival and agree to have the night filmed to air in a weekly episode on the “My Haunted Hotel” YouTube channel.

Built in 1622, the hotel in Chester has a long and colorful past, starting as a townhouse before moving on to a stint as a brothel and then being converted into an inn in 1714.

With footage showing chairs moving by themselves, guests being screamed at by supposed “entities” and “haunted” dolls flying at guests in the nursery, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

The UK hotel was sold to paranormal enthusiast Harry Achilleos in 2012 when it was operating as a fully working hotel.

Achilleos, who had his own paranormal group in 2011, knew of the Ye Olde Kings Head and got to know the landlord and started booking the hotel for private events.

“The place was so active that I asked the landlord if I could put cameras in the rooms to document any activity,” Achilleos told NeedToKnow.online. “He informed me that he was selling the building and I purchased it.”

However, Achilleos was unable to run investigations 24/7, as it might disturb paying guests, which lead to the hotel fully succumbing to its spooky reputation and opening as a designated ghost-hunting mecca named “My Haunted Hotel” — complete with its own team of paranormal investigators on-site

However, if you stay, you are expected to fully “participate” and agree to be filmed — no matter how scared you get.

The eerie hotel got an even spookier makeover by designer and paranormal investigator Brett Jones, with Slender Man-like figures on one wall, satanic crosses, a ghostly nursery, a mirror room and a pentagram-clad floor.

According to Jones, after redecorating the hotel, the paranormal activity intensified.

“We have really disturbed something in this building and every night has been an incredible experience for our guests,” he revealed.

What does a night in the hotel look like?

Brave guests who have booked a stay can check in at 8:30 p.m.; they are then fully briefed ahead of the investigation before going to their rooms.

There are 16 cameras that monitor the entire location from the six bedrooms, the old brothel section, the top corridor and even the cellars. Throughout the night, guests are contacted via radio by the “My Haunted Hotel” team, who oversee the entire investigation from the control room.

Typically, guests investigate and explore their rooms and are encouraged by the team to conduct “lone vigils and various experiments throughout the building.” Guests have the option to turn their room cameras off after 2 a.m. when the investigation ends and check-out is the following day at 12:30 p.m.

Danny Moss, a paranormal investigation team member and also a star of the spooky series “The Haunted Hunts,” said they’ve captured everything from “disembodied voices, footsteps and even poltergeist activity.

“Our most famous capture so far was in room 6 when the rocking chair was moving by itself at 3:28 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon,” he recalled before opening up about a particularly disturbing piece of the property’s history.

“One of the biggest mysteries of the building is when it served as a brothel during the 17th century,” he said. “We believe that one of the ladies who worked there actually fell pregnant, which, of course, was forbidden. We believe the man who owned the brothel may have murdered her and her child and buried them in a part of the building.”

Stays start at $172 (£140) per room, with two people per room and three on special request.

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