Real Life Chucky Roaming Around Alabama Neighborhood Inciting Panic

This bizarre story coming out of the streets of Alabama, Kendra Walden a resident from Pinson Alabama, said that when she saw the “real life Chucky” she thought she was hallucinating.

On July 14th, the fear of movie goers in the mid 80’s came to life when a “real life Chucky”, the evil and possessed doll from the 1988 movie Child’s Play was spotted on the side of the road. Jackson a 5 year old from Pinson, Alabama who was dressed up as the evil doll, made people on the streets laugh and some to worry.

Kendra Walden who saw the boy dressed as Chucky posted on Facebook: “Dear parent of the little boy in the Chucky costume in Pinson. GET YOUR KID, I almost had a heart attack, we took pictures of him and we found it to be very funny.

The character, Chucky first appeared in the 1988 movie and went on to appear in a number of major motion pictures and a television show.

The photos that Walden posted received more than 15k comments and 103k shares, proving that she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the fake horror. “Could you imagine seeing that in person”? one user commented on the photos. “This is terrifying and at the same time brilliant” another said.

Britnee Reed, Jackson mother, told WDHN that he frequently wears this costume around the house and the neighborhood and dresses up as Chucky for Halloween. “That’s just how his personality is” Reed said. “He dresses up in different costumes throughout the week. He loves to make people laugh she added.

Reed claimed that she first learned about the viral images when she was at work and a coworker showed them to her. Then she realized that it was her son in the pictures. She told the outlet “I zoomed in on the photos and I said oh my goodness that’s my kid”.

Reed then spoke to her mother, who was keeping an eye on Jackson. Her mother acknowledged dressing him up so he could go on his neighborhood watch.

The response has been overwhelming, according to Reed, with many compliments, some criticism, and a few birthday and event invitations. Jackson, who his family claims that he is “Facebook Famous” politely declined invitations but declared that he would continue to terrify people in his neighborhood.

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