The Haunted Civil War Hospital in Virginia Is As Active As Ever

By: Beth ……

Virginia is home to lots of paranormal activity. Haunted houses, haunted bridges, haunted hotels…you name it. You may not have realized, though, that there’s even a haunted museum in Virginia. The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum once served as a hospital and has quite a storied past. Whether you believe in ghosts or are fascinated by history, you’ll be glad this spooky destination made it onto your radar.

Tucked away in Gordonsville, Virginia, awaits one of the most unique paranormal destinations in the state: the Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum.

The landmark is over 150 years old and originally served as a hospital for wounded soldiers fighting for both the Union and Confederate armies.

After a time of sitting abandoned, the former hospital re-opened as a museum.

The purpose of the museum is to honor those who lived, served, and worked inside this house. Some of whom, apparently, never really left. The museum is said to be incredibly haunted, so much so that there are paranormal investigations offered quite frequently.

Those who operate the museum claim that after dark, the house seems to take on a life of its own. Doors open and shut, orbs appear, and a few other unexplainable phenomena leave a chilling impression.

Regardless of your belief in the paranormal, you won’t help but feel impressed by all that this haunted museum in Virginia has to offer.

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