Mom investigates Why Kids Keep Screaming and Turns Out They May Have Summoned a Demon

By: Cassandra Yorgey …..

This mother of three went to check on why her kids were being so noisy instead of being asleep and got quite a shock. The kids are standing in front of the doorway to a darkened room and motion for her to follow. They begin jumping on the bed and chanting “Turn the lights! Turn the lights!” They chant this several times and then switch to “Come alive! Come alive!” They bounce around with intensity and then it happens, the lights start flickering on and off.

The kids shriek when their chanting works and take off, jetting out of the room like they’ve summoned a ghost. The mother also reports in the comments that at another point the door started shaking when she told the children to get out of the room.

Did these kids summon a demon or ghostly spirit with their excited chants? Some think yes, definitely. Others think the cause is more likely electrical. The light the children are directing the chants at is a mounted wall sconce with an electrical cord clearly visible hanging down the wall and disappearing behind the bed, indicating it’s probably plugged into an outlet there. It’s entirely possible that the vigorous jumping on the bed jiggled the plug loose causing disruptions in the connection and the flickering light effect. 

A loose plug doesn’t make for a very engaging follow up video though, and it doesn’t explain the shaking door the mother experienced.


Not even gonna lie, this scared me more than i thought it would 😩 #ghosttok #spirits #halloween #chanting #awakeningspirit

♬ original sound – Christina

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