Ghost Girl Seen Playing Outside House in Upstate New York

By: John Squires ……

Ghost children are probably one of the saddest, most unnerving of all revenants. The dead soldier or gray lady, the wandering witch or the murder victim who wanders the hallways of their doom—those ghost stereotypes are plenty eerie all on their own. But the idea that there are ghost children—little babies forced to wander the earth as lonely spirits for all eternity? That seems super unfair. They shouldn’t be made into ghosts if they aren’t even old enough to stay in the house alone.

This video purports to be of a little girl ghost caught in the view of a security camera outside a home in upstate New York. Let’s investigate.

In this video, you can see a street in front of several normal looking houses. The light is dim, as if it’s dusk. According to the creator, the neighborhood is known to house a “family” of ghosts. In the video, a small, translucent, female figure is seen hopping or skipping across the screen.

So what’s going on?

The most likely explanation is that the “ghost” is an artifact of the type of storage these security cameras use. The same buffer is used over and over again, and it’s possible that a girl on a scooter at dusk was not enough to overcome the buffered recording of the empty street, making her look a little transparent.

Though people in the comments are quick to describe her strange “up and down” movements as looking like she’s “on a pogo stick”—when was the last time you saw anyone on a pogo stick? No, what is far more likely is this is a corrupted video of a little girl on a scooter.

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