Exorcist Warns People About “Holy Spirit Board” That Allows The Devil To Disguise Himself As God

By: Gibson Precious …….

A Catholic exorcist is sounding the alarm, warning against a seemingly innocent game that may have evil intent. 

Father Ernesto Caro, an exorcist in the Diocese of Monterey, Mexico, appeared on EWTN News Nightly recently, where he voiced his concerns about a game known as the “Holy Spirit Board.”  Per Amazon, the board allows users to speak directly to God, who’ll communicate through the board to “answer all of life’s most important questions.” However, Caro says this game is nothing more than a disguised ouija board. 

“It’s not a game. It’s a trap from the devil,” Caro explained. He says the comments are indicative of people falling for the “trap,” as many claims that the Holy Spirit spoke to them through the colorful board. 

The board’s packaging is decorated with an image of Jesus.  Though, the description on Amazon is similar to that of ouija boards, several of which are listed in the “frequently bought together” category.  The “Holy Spirit Board” also includes a “Magic Cross” planchette that allegedly slides across letters to spell out the messages from God.  Most classic ouija boards feature a similar tool, usually in the shape of a triangle, seemingly used to speak with people in the afterlife. 

Caro says this is nothing more than a way for evil spirits to enter the lives of unsuspecting buyers.

“If the [Ouija board] triangle is moving by itself, be careful, it’s not God who is moving, it’s the devil,” Caro stated.

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