Eerie Black Vertical Line Appears in Sky

By: Tim Binnall ……

A woman in England was left scratching her head when she gazed up at the sky and spotted a long vertical black line extending from the ground up to the heavens. According to a local media report, the bewildering anomaly was spotted on Wednesday morning by an unnamed witness in the town of Folkestone.

Upon seeing the puzzling sight, the woman says that she “took a photo to make sure it wasn’t my eyes deceiving me.” The witness went on to marvel that “the line went up as far as the eye could see. It went way past the clouds” and conceded that “I honestly have no idea what it could be. It was such a straight line, so it obviously wasn’t smoke from a crash or something like that.”

The source of the strange aerial anomaly has proven to be a mystery as a meteorologist who examined the image indicated that it is “definitely not any type of cloud.” To that end, they noted that the line appears to actually be cutting through the clouds in a manner suggesting that “it was not an optical fault.”

Oddly enough, the wondrous event on Wednesday is not the first time such a strange anomaly has been seen in the sky as a similar case unfolded in Florida back in 2013. In that instance, the prevailing theory was that the line was the shadow of a contrail, which is what some believe to be the cause of the phenomenon in Folkestone this week, though as of now the mystery remains unsolved.

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