These Haunted Roads Are The Last Places We’d Want To Be Stuck With A Flat

By: Katie Machado,

Many people are intrigued by mysterious locations that seem to denote their own warning label before a person even steps foot near them. In the US, there are plenty of places like this that have spawned TV shows like the ones on the Travel Channel, as well as fueling amateur missions by those who seek answers. The problem is that much of the time, these answers are not quite what we expect and, sometimes, what we bargain for is far more terrifying than the legends that lure a person to these places.

When it comes to roadside haunts, there’s not much that is more terrifying than driving through a destination – often a remote one – and knowing that even within the safety of one’s own car, they’re not safe from whatever lurks on the outside. The safe space of the driver’s or passenger’s seat suddenly becomes just as scary as if a person was walking along the side of the road… And while this might not be the case, sometimes it feels like there is someone just outside. Along these creepy roads, spotting a ghostly apparition and feeling as though you’re not alone are only some of the things people have reported during their travels.

Annie’s Road In New Jersey

The story behind Annie’s Road is a tragic one, and it’s a story that many locals are familiar with, as every year, it’s said that a streak of red paint appears on the road because of its gruesome nature. Known as the ‘woman in white,’ the story of Annie goes that she was thrown out of a vehicle by her boyfriend after a heated argument. As he drove away, Annie became lost and disoriented trying to find her way and seek out help.

Tragically, she was drawn to the road by bright headlights and before she realized what was happened, was hit by a truck and left there. The gruesome accident and its brutal nature are what have haunted this road since the 1960s, as Annie was dragged for some time before her dress came lose from the pickup truck. It’s said that Annie haunts the road, targeting men, specifically, as she lures them to their own horrid fates. Travelers report hearing disembodied screams, witnessing strange orbs, and experiencing odd fog along with electrical failures.

U.S. Route 44 Through Rehoboth, Massachusetts

U.S. Route 44 has quite a reputation when it comes to the ghostly apparition who haunts its stretch through Rehoboth, Massachusetts. The six-foot-tall red-headed man is said to scare drivers as he plays tricks on them, with many claiming they’ve driven that road – but not alone.

It’s said that this ghost plays any number of tricks, from making it seem as though the driver has driven straight through him (several times) or even taking up residence in the backseat. Despite all the jokes he plays, the man, appropriately referred to as ‘the hitchhiker,’ doesn’t speak… he only laughs. Aside from these terrifying situations, travelers have also reported electrical malfunctions and seeing strange creatures, which is another unusual phenomena that’s known to occur in this area.

Kelly Road In Pennsylvania

Also known as the ‘mystery mile,’ Kelly Road is one of many roads in Pennsylvania that give off unbelievably creepy vibes – except that Kelly Road has a much darker history than many in the state.

While the road itself is only about two miles long, many have reported that along the stretch of two miles, a sudden fury and anger tends to bubble up from the pit of most driver’s stomachs. It’s been called a ‘bad aura’ and is said to be responsible for the many cases of road rage experienced while driving through this area. It’s been said for some time that the area itself is cursed and is full of evil energy, which doesn’t just affect the drivers who travel the road.

Many have reported that the animals who live in the area – even though who are normally quite calm and reserved – have been known to act out in both fear and anger, exhibiting erratic and unusual behavior. The reasoning behind the road’s cruel torment is supposedly due to the fact that it was once cursed by Native Americans, who are said to have power over the stretch of land. Along with the history of dark energy, it’s also said that people have performed cult rituals, only feeding off the negativity and causing the area to develop and even worse reputation and atmosphere. It’s probably best to drive around this one.

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