The World’s 6 Best Hotspots To Hunt for Aliens and UFOs


Humans have looked at the sky for generations yearning to know what is beyond. Even with our most advanced technology, we have only begun to explore the vast universe. But, have advanced beings from outer space visited us?


Thousands of people come to witness one of the most baffling relics of antiquity: Stonehenge. Archaeological record shows that the site held special significance since the Neolithic period, some 10,000 years ago. A myriad of questions surround the mysterious landmark, including how the enormous monument was constructed.

Visitors can take a short trip a few miles away from Stonehenge to see several crop circles that still puzzle skeptics. Inside the circles, the electrostatic gradient can range from 30 to 100 volts of electricity. Did the ancients who built Stonehenge make contact with visitors from above? Plan a trip there, and check it out for yourself.

Easter Island

Far out in the South Pacific lies a tiny land mass called Easter Island. There is nothing for 2,000 miles in circumference. The Moai, nearly a thousand ancient statues weighing over a hundred tons, exist on the desolate island. Many of the Moai may have been created in the centuries after Christ. Legends of the native Rapa Nui people tell of a possible alien connection. Archaeologists have found old drawings, that show “ancient bird people” from the sky that had technology to fly.

nazca lines, candelabro, paracas hotel, paracas, peru

Nazca Lines

Geoglyphs in South America may provide further evidence of encounters between aliens and the ancients. The ancient Nazca people left enormous markings — known as the Nazca Lines — that cover the arid plains in the Peruvian Desert and are best viewed from a plane or helicopter. According to Nazca legend, gods with odd elongated skulls descended from the sky. Nazcas imitated the gods and put boards around newborn babies’ heads so the skulls would grow into this long shape.


Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, also known as Alien Country, has come to symbolize the many mysteries surrounding the possible existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Thousands of UFO enthusiasts head to Roswell each year to personally investigate this hotbed of alien action.

Numerous local residents witnessed an unidentified flying object falling in the sky in July of 1947. Something, described as a quarter mile long, was found in a local rancher’s field. The local newspaper posted a statement from Army officials stating that the military had recovered a flying saucer. Twenty-four hours later, they issued a retraction with pictures, claiming a weather balloon, not an alien craft, fell from the sky.

lighting, mccarran international airport, las vegas, nevada, night

McCarran Airport/Area 51

Only 600 miles northwest of Roswell, near Las Vegas, NV, visitors flock to the McCarran Airport to catch a glimpse of mysterious planes using the radio call sign “Janet.” The destinations of these planes are not on any schedule or manifest. Some people believe they carry military scientists to a secret US Air Force base nearby.

UFO enthusiasts say the planes are heading to a military base called Area 51, located to the south of Rachel, NV. It’s completely protected and was the test site for the U2 spy plane.

If you still haven’t spotted any UFOs, take a drive down Nevada State Route 375 also known by locals as the “extraterrestrial highway.” Many UFO sightings have been reported on this lonely stretch.

Devil’s Hole

In the 1960s, UFO investigators started turning their sights to a fracture in the Earth’s surface known as Devil’s Hole inside Death Valley National Park. Rumors have circulated that Devil’s Hole was also the location for another UFO crash.

Three men went on an excursion near the mysterious site and only 1 man came back alive. After 3 days of searching, a local search party could not find Dave Rose and Paul Gianconierti. They vanished without a trace.

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