The Internet Has Some Wild Conspiracies About Characters In Fireman Sam…..

By: Poppy Bilderbeck ……

The internet has called out children’s series Fireman Sam with some rather wild conspiracies about some of its characters. 

The Internet Has Some Wild Conspiracies About Characters In Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam was the show that had all of us up at 6am every morning before school, munching our cereal while staring at the television with wide eyes to see which fire Sam was having to attend to this time.

However, despite Sam’s heroic antics, the internet has decided to call him out, with some users having some pretty wild conspiracies about certain characters in the British show.

While Fireman Sam is known to many as a hero, a Reddit user took to the platform to question why a certain character had not been ‘held accountable’. They said: ‘Fireman Sam – It’s about time Norman is held accountable for all the fires he has caused. Where are his parents!’

The post amassed more than 2,500 likes and 184 comments, sparking floods of conspiracy theories about Notorious Norman to come hailing into the comments. One said, ‘I’m more concerned about how this one kid costs the town millions of pounds a year in first-responders salaries, multiple fire engines, fire boats, fire rail cars and a 24/7 manned standby helicopter. All for a town of about a dozen residents. If Sam could just fail to save Norman one time…’

Fireman Sam (BBC)

Another commented:

“Norman is the result of a torrid affair between Phyllis and Sam. When Norman’s father found out he left Pontypandy never to return. Norman subconsciously starts the fires in the hope of attracting attention of the only father figure he has even known which of course is the incredulous fire man Sam”.

A third wrote, ‘There should be an episode where Norman starts a fire but gets trapped. Fireman Sam (obviously) goes to help, but doesn’t make it in time. It should then shown a closeup of Norman’s charred remains and then the text “don’t play with fire” should appear on the screen for two minutes with somber piano music playing gently in the background.’

Well, that escalated rather rapidly… Who knew a seven-year-old boy could reek such havoc and that 18 whole years after its initial release, the children’s series could have provoked such elaborate theories about Norman being Sam’s son – sounds more like an episode of EastEnders to me.

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