For Just $125 A Night, You Can Stay In A Famous Haunted Farm At The Conjuring House In Rhode Island  ……

Haunted house lovers, prepare yourselves! You can now spend a night at the haunted farm that inspired the movie “The Conjuring.”

The Arnold Estate, a historic farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, looks like any other history-rich property in New England. Built in 1736 on a wooded parcel of land, it reads from the outside as even a bit serene.

But inside has been another story. The home, now called “The Farm on Round Top Road,” has a history of murders, deaths, and hangings and came to fame while under the ownership of the Perron family in the 1970s.

The Perron family experienced all manner of paranormal happenings while living in the house, from brooms sweeping themselves to lights turning on and off and the sensation of hands on their feet at night. This was the basis for the horror movie franchise “The Conjuring” about a similarly possessed property.

The current owners, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, are paranormal investigators and have opened the home up to other spirit seekers to conduct their own investigations. You can pay to spend a night in the home, bringing whatever paranormal equipment you’d like, to test the veracity of the rumors for yourself. But we can’t guarantee you’ll get any sleep.

The home has been dressed up a bit to lend itself to a creepy experience. Ouija boards and a coffin coffee table housing an old Raggedy Ann doll amplify the eeriness of the home. But even without these trappings, hauntings have been reported.

Rates for an overnight stay are $125 per person on weeknights, and a flat rate of $750 for six guests and $125 for each additional person on weekends.

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