Atmospheric Survival Horror Game ’35MM’ Heads to PS4, Xbox One Next Month

By: Mike Wilson ……

Released way back in 2016 on Steam, Sergey Noskov‘s post-apocalyptic Survival Horror game 35MM is finally getting a console release. The game will head to the PlayStation 4 on March 2 (the Xbox One version is listed as March 1), and a new gameplay trailer has accompanied the announcement.

Set after a worldwide epidemic that has destroyed much of the world’s population, 35MM involves two travellers making their way through the wasteland. You’ll be making your way through dilapidated ruins of Russian cities and towns, gathering supplies and weapons. As these things usually go, you’ll also be encountering survivors who may not take too kindly to your presence.

As you’ll see from the trailer, one of the mechanics of 35MM is its camera. You’ll be able to take pictures of your surroundings, though the dreariness of the Russian landscape and your own journey won’t exactly be “pleasing”. Still, the atmosphere is the main draw, which 35MM appears to get across effectively.

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