Grieving Mother Says She Saw Her Late Daughter’s Spirit Playing With Toys At Her Grave

By: Zuava C ……

Faviola Rodriguez died while under the care of her mom’s then-boyfriend. She is buried in a cemetery in New Mexico

Trigger Warning: The story has details of child assault resulting in death

This is one spooky story and we suggest you grab a chair before you read further. A mother in Las Cruces, New Mexico recently wrote about seeing her dead daughter playing with dolls near the very grave she was buried in. A lot of us have heard ghost stories such as these and most of us brush it aside as being fake. However, this one is different because there is evidence to back this story up in the form of clear video footage of a figure that looks like the little girl.

Faviola Rodriguez died in September 2018 while she was under the care of her mother’s then-boyfriend. She was two-years-old and had injuries on her body that suggested an assault took place.  Saundra Gonzales, the girl’s mother posted on Facebook about her daughter’s ghostly figure and her struggle to get justice for her last week.     

She wrote:  My daughter is buried at the Masonic Cemetery and us along with other families have had the problem with people stealing our loved ones decorations or toys. Another family put a camera facing their loved ones grave and caught the most breathtaking photos of a little girl on their loved ones grave in the Middle of the night. They were concerned so the next day they took the photo to the workers and from what we were told the worker was in shock and said, “ we know that little girl” and walked them to My Daughter Faviolas Grave. They were just in shock and when they went the next day my grandma and I happened to be there. What are the odds of them seeing us the next day? Especially because we have never seen them there before. I know it was not only a sign from my daughter but also fate for us all to meet. 

She added: I immediately burst into tears as she showed us the photo and I was just lost at words because I KNOW that is my daughter! There is not one ounce of doubt in my heart because it looks like her head to toe, from her hair to her clothes and chanclas!

According to Gonzales, the family who showed her the footage had a brother, named James, who was deceased. He was buried in the grave over which the ghost of Faviola was seen playing with her toys. Gonzales wrote, she did her own research into James and “now I know what brought her to him.” She added: His obituary says, “He always believed in Redemption and his dream was to minister to those feeling lost and saving lives. James will be greatly missed and remembered for his contagious smile, sense of humor and his jack of all trades.

Gonsalves wrote further: I know Faviola was sent to James from the lord to take him to heaven because he is an angel just as she is. I truly believe in my heart she was sent to him to comfort him and to let him know he is okay now. In the last photo you can see two figures a tall man and a child walking away! She took him home with our mighty Lord.

According to a KFOX14 report from 2018, at the time of her death, Faviola had bruising on her head, face, and ribs. The police arrested a man named Lalo Anthony Castrillo and charged him with child abuse resulting in death. Castrillo was released and is still at large, according to Gonzales’ post. She added her daughter’s “killer is still free” and that “it is hard for us because we are constantly told to be patient” because the DAs office is doing their job and things like this “take time.”

She added: This September it will be two years now and her trial has been continued for the 4th or 5th time already!! It has made me full of hate and anger towards our system because it’s Failing my daughter Faviola, the other child abuse victims, and all the children in our state!

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