This TikTok Of Shapeless Figure In An Abandoned Hallway Is Freaking Out The Internet

By: Mary Beth McAndrews …..

I hate looking through the peephole of any front door. I’ve seen too many scary movies to trust that tiny portal into the outside world. And TikTok user austin_oh_geez really hammered that fear home with his latest video of an abandoned hallway in San Francisco.

While urban exploring, he held up his phone to a small hole in a locked set of doors. Why we humans love to look behind rusted locked doors is beyond me. But I digress. As he placed his phone up to the gap to get a peek at what was inside, something sure gazed back.

Watch Here:

As several comments say, my body took a screenshot when I saw whatever that was sprinting towards the camera.

The Five Night At Freddy’s hashtag may betray the user’s intentions, or he’s simply using it to gain more attention to his unexplainable experience. There isn’t enough of a physical form to really say either way. So let’s suspend disbelief and say there’s something really weird creeping in the abandoned hallways of San Francisco. That’s not to say austin_oh_geez isn’t above poking fun at his own terror. He reposted the video with the music from Among Us playing in the background. And we appreciate using trauma for comedy.

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