Dinosaur Like Monster Alligator Spotted Hunting It’s Prey

By: Jake Massey ……

Footage of a monster alligator devouring its prey has been compared to scenes from Jurassic Park. Take a look below if you want to experience one of your worst nightmares:

Kevin Stipe and Cass Couey, who own the PRO HUNT navigation app, were out duck hunting in Florida when an absolutely gigantic gator came along and scooped up their pickings.

They were able to capture the enormous reptile on camera, and when you see the size of it, you can understand why they weren’t wading in there to fight for their prize.

In the video, the gator can be seen gliding through the water before snapping up the bird… which really was a sitting duck.

Speaking to Fox 35 News, Stipe said the alligator was around 13ft long and was snapping up and eating the ducks before they could retrieve them from the water.

In the clip, the two hunters can be heard saying, ‘Here we go, number two of the day,’ as the alligator swims up to one of the ducks and snatches it out of the water.

Clearly fed up with having their catches nabbed, the other hunter added: “OK, you’re fed, now get out of here.”

The clip was posted on Facebook back in 2020, where it racked up 1.5 million views.

Commenting on the video, one person said: “The dinosaurs are making a comeback!”

Another added: “This monster is straight out of Jurassic Park. Caught on camera in Leesburg this week!”

While a third wrote: “I have lived in Florida all my life until five years ago and never saw one that big. But I know they are out there! Watch your animals people! Be smart!”

As for the viral popularity of the video, Couey said it was nothing out of the ordinary for him.

“It was just another day in the swamp for us,” he said. “But I’m glad people are loving it!”

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