Ghost Filmed In Abandoned Mill By Paranormal Investigators

By: T.K. Randall ……

An eerie shape moving across a doorway was recently caught on camera by Andy Pollard at an old mill in Derbyshire, England.Pollard, who goes by the name ‘Yorkshire Ghost Guy’ on YouTube, had been carrying out a solo investigation of an abandoned mill in Matlock, Derbyshire during the weekend.

At one point, he placed his camera down to film himself walking through an old doorway and inadvertently picked up something else that he was not expecting.

It wasn’t until he reviewed the footage at home that he realized what he had captured – an eerie mist-like anomaly passing in front of the brick wall to the right of the frame.

“I have an interest in the paranormal and go out on occasion to investigate locations in and around Yorkshire,” he said. “I ventured out to Matlock, Derbyshire, and I think I have caught what appears to be some sort of apparition on camera.”

“Being alone always makes me feel a little nervous. I did feel a little uneasy and actually commented in the full length video I was getting a lot of electronic (K2) light responses from the doorway.”

“I’m not too sure who or what it could be.”

But did Pollard really capture evidence of the paranormal or is there a conventional explanation ?

It could be argued that his movement past the wall just seconds before could have had something to do with it – perhaps the mist was simply his breath in the cold night air.

You can check out the footage for yourself below – what do you think ?

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