Disembodied Voices Scare Off Mine Explorers While Underground

By: Diana Logan …….

For some people, exploring abandoned mine shafts is their idea of a good time. These intrepid individuals care little about enclosed spaces, possible radiation, or the probably very good safety reasons the mines were abandoned in the first place. They also aren’t the type who are easily spooked, as evinced by the behavior of this brave individual when he comes across the creepiest thing I’ve seen in an “exploring an abandoned mine video” outside of tripping over a desiccated corpse. Namely: disembodied voices.

Watch the video below to see exactly what happened when this fellow came across some strange sounds while out spelunking.

In the video, the “voices” sound a lot like the “Parseltongue” snake language of Harry Potter fame—namely, several voices whisper-hissing syllables all at once. It’s incredibly creepy and unnerving, and would have sent me running for the nearest rope ladder—not that you’d catch me inside an abandoned mine anyway.

Now the thing about TikTok, of course, is that it’s fairly easy for anyone using the app to layer whatever music, words, or sound effect over a video that they want. It’s entirely possible that the reason the gentleman in this video sounds as level headed as he does is that the actual noise he’s hearing in the video is nothing more than an unexpected snake sound, and the “Parseltongue” sounds have been layered over this video by a prankster on the app before being promoted to the spooky side of the internet.

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