Trail Camera Captures Strange Shadowy Creature

By: Diana Logan …….

When you set up a trail camera, you expect to catch sight of a few critters. After all, the forest is full of animals, and they tend to wander around. But there may be other things that lurk in the forest, and sometimes, the trail cameras catch images of them as well. But what are they? Some stories of Bigfoot claim the reason that he is so hard to catch video of is that he’s not a normal animal at all, but rather a supernatural creature, capable of phasing in and out of our reality. Others have reported strange, translucent creatures in the woods. What is going on out there?

This trail cam caught sight of a large, humanoid creature in the forest, and no one quite knows what it could be?

In this video, a person shares a disturbing thing caught on their trail camera. It’s not a bear, a deer, or a fox, but rather a shadowy, bipedal shape, almost human. It’s oddly transparent, or blurry, like a photo of a ghost or all those blurry snaps of Sasquatch.

But is it a human—another hunter, just trying to make his way down the trail in the night, or is it something else entirely? Some believe it is a ghost, that we are glimpsing into a memory of the past. Others claim it’s “just a skinwalker, out for a stroll.” Others say it’s nothing more than an “ice-frosted camera lens” and we’re seeing figures where none exist.

What do you think? Strange artifact on the trail cam lens, or something far more sinister and mysterious?

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