Child’s Shoe Found During Paranormal Investigation Near Salton Sea California

By: Cassandra Yorgey ……

A self-proclaimed psychic medium records her live paranormal investigation of an area near Salton Sea, California. She begins at a rocky outcropping where she says she is picking up something specific – a woman and two children. She claims she can see the spirits re-enacting how they would hide from the rain under a little overhang and pointed out the area she says they are indicating they used as a fire pit. The name “Esmerelda” keeps coming to her. The camera jumps to a different area, where a child’s shoe pokes out of the sand and the psychic says even she is freaked out by how eerily close it is to the site just up the hill where she believes she was communicating with the ghostly spirit of the owner.  

She clarifies she believes the woman’s name was Esmerelda and that she had a son and a daughter, and they would stay in a cave in this area. She asks an unidentified man if he knows if the area used to have more rain and he said no, the area used to be underwater “back in the day” and points out the salt line and types of rocks in the area which he says are more like coral than rock. She backtracks and believes this explains the water she was seeing hitting the kids, despite her initial thought that it was rain.

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