Men in Utah Take Potential Bigfoot Footage to Local News

By: Cassandra Yorgey ……

“You can’t just see something that’s maybe a once in a century discovery and go to your nine to five job, you gotta go look for fur or footprints or some kind of evidence!” That’s what a local resident of Provo, Utah told the local news station when he and some friends saw, and recorded, a creature they believe is sasquatch.  

The friends were unable to locate conclusive evidence, although they did find strange tracks mixed in among the footprints of deer. The men are happy to admit the unidentified creature in their video could be a bear, human, or other much less exciting answer but they believe what they saw was far too large for the usual bigfoot sighting explanations.

A curator from the local Natural History Museum of Utah was happy to go on record as saying that not only was that not a bigfoot but that such a creature definitively doesn’t exist. He claims he has spent much of his career in remote locations in search of new species but so far has not found bigfoot or anything like it. He says there are lots of undiscovered things in the natural world but they don’t take the shape of giant apes running around in largely settled areas of the world.

Of course, folks over the ripe old age of nineteen remember when scientists gave much the same reasoning for why the giant squid couldn’t possibly exist and was as ridiculous and dismissible as bigfoot. Less than twenty years and two species of giant squid later, it seems reasonable to allow some room for continued discoveries. 

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