Another Ball UFO Spotted in Clear Skies

By: Cassandra Yorgey …….

A dark speck flies past some fluffy white clouds and then hits clear blue sky. It seems to speed up as it gets closer to the cameraman but as they find it again they are able to get a clearer and closer view of what seems to be a metallic sphere flying through the sky with no visible means of propulsion.  

Unfortunately there is no location data to pinpoint where this Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon was seen, however there have been multiple different sightings in multiple different locations featuring these “ball UFOs”, as the public has taken to calling them. In California, a hang-glider was nearly hit by one as it went flying by him in mid-air and a separate incident was reported by a man who believed one fell from the sky into his yard. 

These reports have taken a more serious turn now that one of these objects has been identified by the Pentagon as a surveillance ballon launched by the Chinese Communist Party. This espionage device is still currently being tracked over the continental U.S. by the military but has not yet been shot down. Another government has also claimed a UFO ball was discovered in their airspace – although Russia responded by shooting the unknown object out of the sky in total obliteration.

Whether these crafts are aliens or surveillance from foreign adversaries, it’s probably best if we all keep our eyes on the sky and report any unknown or suspicious sightings to governmental agencies and, of course, social media. 

7 Replies to “Another Ball UFO Spotted in Clear Skies”

  1. A January 2023 photo of the Chinese balloon looked like photos of purported UFOs I have seen. But a spherical UFO I have seen had characteristics unlike anything I have seen or heard of. Reports others have made of spherical UFOs have characteristics also unlike anything we would think could be made on earth.
    Without going into tangential theories, my simple answer is some are misidentified natural objects while others are alien in nature.


      1. Since before I was a teenager around 1957. For most of my life I was little more than your average American. I had a spurt around 1969 and again around 1982. It was not until 2019 I became a certified MUFON Field Investigator and investigated UFO/UAPs fulltime for several years.


      2. Dark Fringe Radio says:19 hours ago
        Love to have you on our podcast if your comfortable talking about your experiences.

        I would very much like to be on your podcast. I will have to learn to be comfortable talking about my experiences.
        Jim F.


      3. Dark Fringe Radio says:2 days ago
        That’s interesting, how long have you been studying these phenomena?

        A very long time. I started getting interested when I was studying various Christian religions when I was twelve years old. I could say for over 60 years.


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