Dark Fringe Radio Ep #118 Interview with Journalist and Author Tony Brasunas

By: Dark Fringe Radio ……

This week on another exciting episode of Dark Fringe Radio, we welcome our guest Mr. Tony Brasunas journalist and author of “Red, White, And Blind: The Truth About Disinformation and the Path to Media Consciousness. His book is a censored journalist’s story and a deep dive into the American media establishment. Dozens of riveting exposés reveal the true depths of disinformation and social media censorship in America. Finally, the book plots an optimistic path through these polarized times to a New Enlightenment. That and of course our Dark Fringe News, What the F Florida Man and so much more!!!!

Order Red, White and Blind: https://www.redwhiteandblind.com/

Follow Tony Brasunas: http://tonybrasunas.com/

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