Mysterious Footage of Bigfoot-like Creature Shaking Tree in Florida

By: Diana Logan ……

According to many, Florida is home to more than panthers and alligators in terms of megafauna, it also boasts its own Bigfoot-like creature, a bipedal ape known for its horrible stench called the skunk ape. Many sightings have been reported in Florida and neighboring states over the years. Could this be one more?

A clip of a strange, ape-like figure shaking a tree in western Florida is making the rounds on the internet. Some say it’s proof of Bigfoot, while others are not so sure. The clips claims to come from Starkey Park, a regional wilderness park in Pasco County, on Florida’s west coat.


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In the clip, a large, ape-like figure with very long arms seems to walk over to a tree and begin to shake it.

After doing a little digging, we were able to determine that this particular clip is eight years old. “Like most videos,” comments a Sasquatch watch group that posted the clip to their page in 2015, “this one appears to be shot at a distance and lacks detail.”

You can say that again. It’s so indistinct that it’s nearly impossible to tell what the figure is at all, Nevertheless, most viewers of this clip are truck by the creature’s long arms. The proportions make it easy to dismiss this as “just a dude in a Chewbacca costume,” like so many fake Bigfoot videos.

Bigfoot and its relatives (skunk apes, Sasquatch) are well known for their tearing down of trees, often to fling at observers or make into mystery structures, possibly to mark territory. What this creature was doing, however, remains a mystery.

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