Growing Body of Humans Think They’re ‘Starseeds’: Aliens Living on Earth

By: Tim Newcomb …….

  • Starseeds believe they are aliens who have come to Earth to help out the rest of us mere humans.
  • The belief has caught on and now has a growing movement behind it.
  • The starseed concept stems from unique belief systems, and the growing community that attracts fans of fantasy.

There are a lot of humans on this planet who believe they’re “starseeds,” or aliens from another one, according to a new report in The Conversation. Spoiler: They’re not.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the trend from rapidly catching on. The Conversation reports that the hashtag #starseed is growing in popularity on the internet, including a massive rise on TikTok, now with over 1 billion views on content tied to the hashtag.

Starseeds believe they have “reawakened from another planet to be born here,” according to The Conversation. Of course, with that belief comes several other fantastical beliefs, such as starseeds’ conviction that they can transport between galaxies or communicate in “light languages.”

Tied back to Brad Steiger and his 1976 book Gods of Aquarius, starseeds latched on to his concept that some people originate from other dimensions. As starseeds gain traction in popular culture, the more people want to be part of a trend. And as the fantasy element of starseeds excites some, they grow interested in being part of a culture that feeds their interests.

The truth, of course, is that none of this is rooted in any actual science, and that the ongoing search for aliens hasn’t materialized any life apart from what we already know about on Earth. But it’s still fun to believe.

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